PR vs JSK Head to Head Records

The Next match of South Africa 20 League 2024 will be played between Paarl Royals and Joburg Super Kings on 17 Jan 2024, Wednesday. The match will be played at Boland Park, Paarl. The 76th match will get started at 9:00 PM (IST), the toss of this match will be done just before 30 minutes of the game i.e. at 08:30 PM (IST). Here are the Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings Head to Head Records

Matches Played2 Matches
Paarl Royals Win1 Match
Joburg Super Kings Win0 Match
PR vs JSK Head to Head RecordsPR lead by 1-0

Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings Head to Head

SA20 2023

Paarl Royals and Joburg Super Kings had played a total of 2 matches in the 1st season of SA20, out of these matches Paarl Royals won 1 match, and Super Kings did not win any match, one match had no result due to rain. In the Head to Head records of PR vs JSK the Paarl Royals Cape is leading by 2-0.

  • The 4th match between Paarl Royals and Joburg Super Kings was played on 13 January 2023, Friday at Boland Park, Paarl. In this match, JSK scored 81/10 in 17.2 overs. In chasing the target PR scored 82/3 in 10.3 overs. Paarl Royals won the match by 7 wickets.
  • The 24th match between Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings was played on 03 February 2023, Friday at The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg. This match was played partly and rain came up, due to which the match was called off and had no result.
Date and DayMatch and VenueScoreResult
03 February 2023, FridayPR vs JSK, 24th Match
(The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg)
PR– 131/4 (15)No Result
13 January 2023, FridayPR vs JSK, 4th Match
(Boland Park, Paarl)
JSK– 81/10 (17.2 Over)

PR– 82/3 (10.3 Over)
Paarl Royals won by 7 wkts

SA20 2024

Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings Head to Head- In the SA20 2024, the Paarl Royals Cricket Team played 2 matches, and both the matches were won by Paarl Royals against Pretorio Capitals, the 1st match was by 27 runs, and the 2nd was won by 10 Runs. The Joburg Super Kings played a total of 3 matches but won nothing out of these 3. The first match of the Super Kings was called off due to rain, the 2nd match was lost by 98 Runs and the 3rd match was also lost by 37 Runs.

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